Esteve guitars

 Esteve Guitars

The prestigious Esteve Spanish guitar is produced in a workshop in the southern European city of Valencia, alongside the Mediterranean sea. The journey began  in 1957, when Francisco Esteve , Manuel Leader and Antonio Monfort started the first guitar workshop. Today, Manuel Adalid keeps the spirit of traditional handicraft alive, while adapting to the demands of the international market and incorporating new techniques in construction and design.

The Esteve guitar is renowned for its craftsmanship. Esteve's group of 52 craftsmen use only the highest quality materials and  combine years of experience and learning and love for their work in a rare combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern construction techniques.

The Esteve guitar is known and appreciated throughout the world for its excellent sound and finish. This soulful Spanish guitar has a purity and charm that brings out the inspiration and skill of its interpreters.

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Modelsort icon Series Type
11F Flamencas  (All solid)
3G740 Octave
3ST63 Special Children
50th Anniversary Manuel Adalid
6.CUT  Alto Guitar Cutaway (All Solid)
Classical (All Solid)
ELEC  Electroacoustic Cutaway (All solid)
PS70 Bass and Contrabass
Señorita Senorita
TRES CE Tres Cubano